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Movie-Food.com: The Sequel

For those of you (read: all) who weren’t aware, I started the Movie-Food.com site a few months back at the behest of my sister after Husband and I whipped up the delectable Maraschino Cherry Chicken from the horrendous Six Days, Seven Nights.

It was surprisingly easy to come up with a HUGE list of food items/dishes from movies and we were well on our way with the site.  Life, as it often does, intruded so very rudely shortly thereafter, and the site has languished since April.   But due to overwhelming (read: one guy) demand, we’re starting Movie-Food.com back up!  Upcoming still are the Nancy Drew Lemon Bars, Blazing Saddles Baked Beans, and in just a few moments here, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle Beachside Corn Dogs.

And because I am the tech goddess that I am *bow down* I’ve added an RSS feed for the movie-food.com site to this site’s sidebar, there to the right, which will automatically pull in the last two recipes posted. 

Vive la Movie Food!  Oh, and if you have any movie food suggestions, please send them to chiefcook@movie-food.com