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Morons of the Day

I’m sure you’ve heard of these people, the freegans (combination of “free” and “vegan”). No, it doesn’t mean they’re loose-moraled non-dairy/meat eaters…okay, well it might mean that…it means they have eschewed capitalism to the point where they prepare their meals based on what they can scavenge, not what they actually purchase.Yes, I said “scavenge.”

For lunch in her modest apartment, Madeline Nelson tossed a salad made with shaved carrots and lettuce she dug out of a Whole Foods dumpster. She flavored the dressing with miso powder she found in a trash bag on a curb in Chinatown. She baked bread made with yeast plucked from the garbage of a Middle Eastern grocery store.

I’m sure most of the freegans are sensible enough people, and actually GROW their own food, instead of culling it from dumpsters like the rocket scientist example profiled in the article. But that could just be my natural optimism speaking. (Yes, I still have that.) Surely the dumpster-freak profiled is one of the radical extremists. Right?


Ah, well, she’ll be dead of dysentery soon so it hardly matters. Everybody wave buh-bye to the crazy trash lady.