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The above image is how the inside of my skull feels right now. I always wait until I’m getting better to feel bad enough to go to the doctor. Not this time, dammit. Still no stupid fever, so it’s just me, my tea and a fistful of advil. Speaking of, a snippet of conversation with the Husband in AIM this morning:

Sekimori (8:50:07 AM): went to walmart, needed cat food and lunch things, and that nearly killed me

tedbronson2007 (8:51:16 AM): no no no, no dropping dead in walmart, they make you work in customer service for eternity if you die there


I should like to know how much we spend every year on nail clippers. And where all the little bastards wind up after three weeks. Just had to buy new ones as the THREE we used to have are completely gone. Perhaps the dog is eating them. I’m sure it doesn’t help that the Girlchild almost obsessively trims her nails. And so gracefully leaves them lying about on the end tables. Bleh.

Who, I ask you, is still wearing toe socks? Somebody must be, because those stupid things are still on the shelves. Of course, these are Wal-Mart shelves I’m speaking of… Don’t get me wrong, Wallyworld has its uses…the convenience of being able to buy tampons and tires in the same place is not lost on me. But toe socks are just wrong.

The hellbitch cat Monkey yowls before she pukes. It inevitably sounds like “ma ma … ma ma … ma MA … (ahorka ahorka ahorka *splat*).” The joys of cat ownership, yes. They can’t all be cute.

Updated to add:

You know, we decided to give you free fucking upgrades to your accounts. We have 200+ servers to go through, to manually touch each account, and fucking upgrade it. We announce this in the usual manner. We also take great pains to say, “Hey, we’ve got 200+ servers to get through to hand out your FREE UPGRADES, so please be patient.” Instead of fucking being patient (or even, you know, paying attention to the announcement), you open a ticket, claiming we’ve been billing you for one plan but only giving you the resources of the lesser plan. We kindly explain the situation to you, tell you about the announcement, the 200+ servers thing, etc. Just a few days later you open yet another ticket, claiming again that we’ve been mis-billing you and demanding a refund.

Excuse? Did we not just fucking talk about this? Are you really that irretrievably stupid?

So, now you’ve got your FREE UPGRADE, you queue-jumping pissant, and you’ve single-handedly ensured that we never do anything nice like this for you ungrateful stupid bastards ever again. Nice work, chickenfucker.