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So, did you watch Reaper last night? We had to pause it at the 10:00 mark because we were laughing too hard to see the television at that time. For those of you who did indeed watch, that’s the point in the show when the pack of dogs started chasing Sam through the store, and his friend Sock (which I just KNOW is going to turn out to be short for Socrates) comes to the rescue. How they ever arranged for that little dog to, er, do what he did I don’t know…possibly cheez doodles and about seventy-five million takes…but it was beautiful to behold.Reaper reruns some time this week on the CW. Go watch it. Dammit.

So, what exactly the EFF am I supposed to do with this Facebook thing? I keep getting emails from people where they’ve added me to theirs, so I had to go set the stupid thing up. Now WTF do I do with it? It looks like the biggest freaking timewaster on the planet, lots of quizzes and shit.

Is that it? Should I sooner look for meaning in the lingerie drawers of the Whores of the ApocalypseTM than this sodding site? And if that’s the case then why the ever loving hell are those Micro$oft bastards looking to invest in the thing???

There’s no meaning to the universe. Admit it.

UPDATE: How in the &^%#* did I miss news of this?? (It’s a documentary about the Apollo missions for those of you who aren’t link clickers, called In the Shadow of the Moon.)

Don’t miss the hysterical Rover game. There’s a very similarly styled game in the US Space and Rocker Center in Huntsville, a deucedly difficult Apollo-style lander game. I don’t miss much about Huntspatch, but I do miss that place.