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March Blooms

Not the greatest week thusfar here at the homestead, so as usual, we take refuge in the garden.

I spoke complimentarily of Oakes Daylilies last week or so, regarding their policy of slipping a little something extra into orders.  Well, we received our second order from them about a week ago, and when all was said and done, we have over fifty new daylily plants, in 15 different varieties, all for a very reasonable price.  So the front bed around the massive crape myrtle is utterly full of daylilies:


I don’t think we’re ever going to be the kind of people who rush to spend $50 for the newest trademarked variety to come out each year (well, not without 100 acres + lottery money), but $10 to $20 per variety (2 to 8 clumps per variety) is a great price.  Plus, daylilies multiply each year, which means lots of passalongs every year!

Other things making a splash out front are these spectacularly-colored strawflowers:


This is one of my Addiction plants.  When I find a new color I have to snap it up.  Echinacea is another example…I’m eagerly awaiting arrival today of FOUR new colors (Fragrant Angel, Tiki Torch, Tomato Soup, and Green Envy) from the ever-delightful Plant Delights folks.  That’s in addition to plain old purpurea, Evan Saul and White Swan!

Dominating the show out front are these hollyhocks:


Started from seed last spring they survived the hard freezes of January, are now about eight feet tall, and littered with hand-sized fuschia blooms.  Spectacular plants.

Blooms out back include the Don Juan climber that Husband so beautifully shaped a few weeks ago:


As rose afficionados know, roses take a pruning as a challenge, and immediately respond (in the right season, of course) with growth/blooms.




The mustard is blooming:


As are the dill and cilantro:


And most amazingly, the tomatoes that were started at the end of January are growing like mad, and – wait for it – blooming:


That’s the Carbon tomato, which admittedly has been growing at an amazing rate since being potted up:


Yes, I’m measuring my tomato plant’s growth.  There are worse vices hobbies.