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Lurve and Xst My Hand Hurts

As I may have mentioned in these pages before, the inimitable Zoe is quite in love with our dog Mal. (Wash always knew this would happen.) She is quite expressive with him, rubbing her head on his face, licking his ears. He is semi-tolerant of all this, nosing her neck from time to time, but mostly ignoring her. It occurred to us the other night that we have the feline/canine equivalent of Jackie and Hyde.


Can I just tell you, I have the worst mouse hand this week. Fire in the heel of my hand, and a dull ache from fingertips to elbow. Ergo, I am looking for an alternate pointing device. Can you, my three loyal readers, suggest anything that has worked for you? This site has some interesting suggestions, including the head-movement = mouse-control widget, and this zero tension mouse that rather disturbingly resembles a sex toy. That’d be a conversation starter in the office, wouldn’t it?