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Lots of Things

Oh, if I only had the energy, I’d love to write something about the inevitable backlash from household pets over being lolcat-ed. There’d be protests, sit-ins, mournful interviews with the press (“why do you HATE us so??”). Michele, go write that for me, mmkay?

Managed to get the old Pixelpost entries/comments imported yesterday (thanks to this guy’s script, just have to fix the horked up photos/thumbnails, delete the crap entries, etc. etc. His site has given me ideas for my own re-work after the new year, too… *rubs hands gleefully*

Finished up the third part of “Tin Man” last night, and the nicest thing I can say about it is that it was…uneven. Zooey Deschanel is so much better than the acting job she perpetrated in this, in fact, most of them are. Alan Cumming was a bright spot (as always), as was Neal McDonough, he of the icy eyes. I barely recognized him as Lieutenant Hawk from the Star Trek: First Contact movie, because he has dogged out very nicely indeed.

And the worst things I can say about it?

First…the music. Christ-on-a-monkey, the MUSIC. I saw someone describe it as “bombastic” but I don’t think that word is quite strong…or evocative…enough. It was just bloody awful, strident and clangorous when it really didn’t need to be. It’s almost like they were trying to use this basement-produced dreck to patch the threadbareness of the plot. And failing miserably.

Second, the chick who played Azkadellia. I see, Ms. Robertson, that you have quite the career under your belt already. Odd that there are no soap operas in your resume, seeing as how your scene chewing and spastic lip twitches hail straight from daytime-drama land. Sure, you were playing a villain of the broadest scope, but if you haven’t any JOY in your gnawing of the scenery, then you just become an object of vexation. (Re: joy in overacting, see Shater, William.)

Third, their insistence on calling the Outer Zone “the O.Z.” The writers were aware, were they not, that there was a seriously BAD television show on not too long ago called The O.C.?” And that every single time one of the characters mentioned “the O.Z” we were immediately reminded of that sodding show? If they had just settled for calling it “the Outer Zone” we would have twigged to the acronym on our own. We’re SMRT that way.

Diabetes update – The Husband got checked up with the doc yesterday, who told him he was doing Very Well Indeed, and it was probably ok to go ahead and get his eyes rechecked/glasses redone. Huzzah! Dietarily, he still mourns the loss of his beloved Coca-Cola, but otherwise he hasn’t had much to sacrifice at all, which makes hitting his target blood sugar levels that much easier. Go Husband!