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Little Mysteries

The bad thing about using one of those wildflower mixes you pick up in the Big Box stores is the inevitable zinnias grow so much faster than everything else, and rapidly create an exclusionary canopy. We’ve only had a couple of other plants that have managed to claw their way up to sunlight through the profusion of zinnias. Already identified are Salvia gregii and Rose Mallow, and now we have three new players to ID. This pretty pink explosion of petals:

And this as yet unopened guy (another pic will follow once it does open):

It is a favorite already of the shield bugs. They actively resisted being removed so I could snap the picture!

This guy we are pretty sure is a weed:

Kind of hard to tell when they insist on putting out pretty flowers, though.

And I can’t really speak harshly of the zinnias, they are putting on quite the display out front, and they look so amazingly architectural before they open:

Now, as promised to Caitlin a few days ago, some taunting-you-with-my-tomatoes pictures…

This is the Gioia della mensa “Jewel of the Table,” and I cannot wait to get my teeth into it.

And here’s the Cream Sausage and Sungold, both loaded down with fruit:

Do notice, fellow gardeners, how I have those plants in the same pot. Even though it is a very large pot DO NOT EVER DO THIS. The plants really are not enjoying being together in there, the competition for nutrients and water is fierce. I will never ever do that to a tomato plant again.