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Let’s Do it Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

In futzing around with our DirecTV packages last week, I accidentally downgraded us to a plan that did not include the Discovery Channel. Leaving out totally the insanity of such a concept… So, not only were my two children denied the fantastic array of informational programming delivered in a highly entertaining fashion, but I myself was denied my daily ration of Sci-HunkTM.What is a Sci-HunkTM, you might ask? Well, I shall be most happy to elucidate. This1 is a Sci-HunkTM (rowr!). This2, too, is a Sci-HunkTM (ahem). Even though we don’t watch the show very often, this guy3 is definitely a Sci-HunkTM because he shoots really excellent guns and has the perfect bald head shape.

This4 would be a Sci-HunkTM except for his puppy-like mien. And this5 would also be a Sci-HunkTM except for his unfortunate resemblance in both appearace and manner to my sister’s second ex-husband. This6 is not even remotely a Sci-HunkTM and never will be. Not7, not, not a Sci-HunkTM.

In short, a Sci-HunkTM is a guy who knows science-y things, isn’t afraid to sometimes look like an ass on camera, and has really nice pecs. So you can watch the show, learn things, and get nice little hormone jolts, all at the same time. Everyone’s a winnar.

I spose you guys can have some Sci-HunkTM, as well. If you must.8

1. Bear Grylls, Man vs. Wild
2. Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs
3. Mack, FutureWeapons
4. Cori Belleci, Mythbusters
5. Jamie Hyneman, Mythbusters
6. Adam Savage, Mythbusters
7. Grant Imahara, Mythbusters
8. Kari Byron, Mythbusters