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Jersey Curse

Roy Orbison was a fantastic musician, songwriter and a huge influence on rock & roll, and music in general. His epic Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night (buy it!) stands as one of the greatest gatherings of musical-type folks (all die-hard fans of Orbison, all volunteers) ever, all intent on honoring his body of work. However, the semi-literate and no-talent Bruce Springsteen continually tacks an extra “s” on the end of “dream” in the refrain “sweet dream baby” in the song “Sweet Dreams.” Every chorus, every time, he’s yammering, “sweet dreamS baby.” Had he never heard the song before? Did they not rehearse? Did no one pull him aside at rehearsal and say, “Bruce, baby, you’re fucking up the song”?Whatever the case, that stubborn extra “s,” combined with his ‘man, i really gotta take a shit’ singing face, is nearly enough to ruin the entire experience. Fortunately, that’s why we have a FFWD button.

P.S. If Blake Lewis gets voted anywhere near OFF in tonight’s AI results show, I am filing suit against the television-viewing population of America, for egregious fuckstupidness in the face of raw originality.