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Jerks and Jousting and…Some Other Things That Do Not Start With J’s

Here’s a fuckin’ thought…if you can’t get email, how about you open a fuckin’ ticket instead of bombarding the server with dozens of fuckin’ test messages. Stupid.


Complete lack of babysitting T-minus 4 days and counting.

Hey, remember those radishes I planted last Sunday? They sprouted on Tuesday. Yah, two days later. And now they’re demanding a seat in Parliament.

We hit the local RenFaire Saturday, along with half of central Florida. Picked up a lovely bamboo windchime (the sound of which I’ve always loved), some trinkets for the kids, several cases of Faire-tummy and a still-painful sunburn. So, the usual.

The Girlchild tried her hand at jousting…

Naturally she aimed at the woman’s HEAD.

Yesterday bought EVEN MORE GROWING THINGS, thereby ensuring we’ll get a call from someone wanting us to move approximately 2,000 miles away. Inexplicably I bought a zucchini plant. Just one, but I hear that’s more than enough to ruin your life. Maybe we can take them to the skeet range…

Actually zucchini has made a place in my heart lately. Fry up some spicy Italian sausages, then saute a white onion, red bell pepper and a zuke, all roughly chopped, in some olive oil, butter, Holy Trinity, and copious quantities of thyme. Serve together with your favorite bread. Nom nom.

Bought two new planters that I adore more every time I look at them.

I just needed some flowers, ok? Shutup.

The bonsai maple is doing quite well after doing a remarkable impression of a stick for the past four months. It had a nice root bath yesterday in Bonsai Pro, which probably means we can put off root pruning for a bit longer. Huzzah.

See those peas down there?

See the dead carcass of the previous pea? The FAILED pea? The failed pea succumbed to a combination of curious cats and a few chillier than usual nights, we think. We’re leaving the carcass there as a reminder to the three new ones poking through the soil. We call this fascist gardening, and that’s how we roll.

So, how was your weekend?