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It’s Frickin’ Freezing in Here, Mr. Bigglesworth

Yeah, 40 degrees is kicking my ass this morning.

Did you know that there are no fish in Florida? None. Yeah, it’s chilly, but hell, dragging stinky cheese bait across the bottom ought to get some response. The kids enjoyed the hell out of their rocket fishing rods though, I think they are equipped with the best spinning reel for kids and *we* enjoyed a few hours without whinging about line tangles and reel issues.

The Husband and I both have T-Mobile smartphones, the Dash model to be precise. I like having the qwerty keyboard, since we text far more often than we make actual phone calls (hint: get the unlimited text plan), but the thing can be rather stupid. It has an autofill option that is on by default (hint: to turn this off, press ALT-SPACE, then select ABC), resulting sometimes in seriously ridiculous text suggestions. For instance, Husband was attempting to say, “of his eyes,” but the Dash sent to me instead, “osprey hossenpfeffer eyes.” *blink*  Sounds like a dish the Turks serve to torture tourists.