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It’s a New Day

You know me, I love to fiddle around with software. Pixelpost was great, but it’s really not built for words, just images. And more and more clients are asking for WP designs, especially now that MT4 is wallowing in suckitude.

Tres important note to self: the WP YAPB plugin does NOT play well in the php5/sql5 environment. *whew*

Updated to add:

If you see this fucking thing throwing a white page with ominous errors, just refresh the bitch and all will be well.

Also, Zoe brought me a piece of concrete today. Yes, concrete. From the little bits that waffle around between the foundation of the house and the back patio. I think now that I’m on this new platform, Zoe deserves her very own page where we can keep track of these things. Perhaps a pattern will emerge…