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In Lieu of Actual Content…

Today’s AIM conversations…

Sekimori: you know
bluecoyotestudio: yes?
Sekimori: i figure, by definition, if I get an email to 100words that says, “how can I be a writer on your site???” that person is too stupid to live
bluecoyotestudio: hahahahahha
Sekimori: i mean it’s listed right there under the faq. how to contribute
Sekimori: idiot
bluecoyotestudio: yup
Sekimori: and yet I keep answering these fucktards who email with that question
Sekimori: hoping, no doubt, they’ll say something incurably stupid like, “nah, i don’t want to bother with that shit, gimme a login!!”
Sekimori: so I can land on them and explode

Later that same day…

Sekimori: we’re at freaking Outback
hm: mmm
hm: steak
hm: we really are going to have to stick with centos 4.x for migrating accounts
hm: oh, and i’ll shut up now so you can enjoy your dinner without my drug-induced babbling
hm: 🙂
Sekimori: sorry, missed that. there were cheese fries.
hm: mmm
hm: cheeeeze fries
hm: ican has cheeze frize?
Sekimori: all gonz
hm: bet they were tasty
Sekimori: they had a flavor

There, wasn’t that special? Yes.