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In Dreams

Ever had a dream that sticks with you? Like for years? The research for today’s theme on 100 Words reminded me of a dream I had some ten years or so ago…

I was walking down a road that ran between some grassy hills (a lot like this road in the movie Toys, which I haven’t seen in years). I turned to look behind me and found a very tall man there, dressed in a shabby black suit, and wearing a black top hat. He face was skull-like, painted black with white rings around the eyes, and white paint around his widely smiling mouth (sort of like this). He kept walking towards me, trying to touch me, and I was doing everything I could to prevent that from happening.

I’ve always had the ability to wake myself up from dreams, and did so at this point, having had quite enough of that. He didn’t seem malicious, just mischeivous, but I still wasn’t interested in going where his touch would have taken me. The Husband suggested it was Papa Legba, who is something of a gatekeeper in the voudoun mythology, and whose permission is required in order to speak with the loa.

Odd that I can still so vividly recall that dream all these years later.