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Idiots and Flowers

My GODS, if you are so fucking stupid that you can’t even tell who you’ve spammed, then you need to really NOT send bullshit to every email address in your address book. Nor, when contacted about it, do you need to self-righteously declare that the message wasn’t selling anything, it was “just nice positive information.”


And your mouth has managed to get your mailserver blocked from our entire network. And since you did your spamming from your company email address, I’m sure they’re going to be very pissed off when they find out the reason they can’t contact some of their clients.

Do. Not. Piss. Off. A. Sysadmin.


The picture above was taken yesterday afternoon after we installed the ring o’stones around the crepe myrtle in the front yard and planted WAY too many flowers in it. It’ll be glorious in a couple of months, though, flowers everywhere.

The veggies proceed nicely, despite the Miho-cat trying to eat the cucumber seedlings (despite their reputation for hating to have their roots disturbed, they replanted just fine). All the tomatoes are about ready to go into their final pots (with wire thingers to support them), and of the second seed plantings, newly sprouted are purple strawflower, san marzano redorta tomatoes, and the serpent melon. The Meyer lemon tree and the lime tree are good, weathered the hellacious wind and rain just fine last week with all their various blossoms/fruit intact. Who knew citrus had such wicked thorns??

Speaking of wind/rain, that big honking ficus you see on the front porch there had its ass kicked Friday evening. We found it plastered across the bench on the other side of the porch with its huge ceramic pot smashed. Fortunately it was utterly root bound, so lost no structural integrity, and easily slipped into the hastily purchased (but nicely larger) plastic pot from Wally World.

This week is FCAT testing for the boy. Sacrifice chickens (and/or chocolate eclairs) for him, pls.