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Idiot Doctors, Moronic Magazine Editors, and Stupid, Stupid Little Girls

You have two in the family with penicillin allergies (the Husband and Boychild), and you relate this to the Nascent Doctor-Boy when you take the hacking Girlchild in to be seen last week. He says, “I’m not really worried about that,” goes right ahead and prescribes her amoxycillin. Then a few days later she breaks out all over in hives, and you have to pull her out of the last day of school to bring her back in to the office. Don’t you, at this point, get a free shot at Nascent Doctor-Boy’s marble sack? And, oh, not have to pay a copay for this second, unnecessary-if-you’d-frigging-listened-to-me-in-the-first-place, office visit?

“It just doesn’t look like a drug rash,” he whinges. ‘Scuse me? And did your medical license come with the Play-Skool doctor set or did you have to buy it from some meth dealer downtown? I’ve only seen hives caused by a cillin ONCE (when the Boychild first had it) and this is precisely what it looks like. And did the fact that she puked all over your bathroom (good girl) not provide some further clue?

To paraphrase the inimitable Frankie Valli: “Go check top rated stethoscopes for nurses and go back to med school.”

Other things that are torquing me today…

  1. I missed my b/c pill yesterday. ONE PILL. Started cramping hard last night and spotting this morning. This is INFURIATING. And what are the odds, do you think, of me finding a GYN that will just yank my gotdamn uterus out, without forcing me to undergo a D&C first?
  2. Putin is Time‘s Man Person of the Year. That’s illustrative of both how idiotic are the editors of Time, and how thoroughly snowed is the media in general. Youth camps anyone?
  3. And this surprises who exactly? Inasmuch as I’ve given it any thought whatsoever, I’d have hoped the girl’s successful career, and broadened horizons, would have trumped her backwater upbringing. You can get frigging condoms almost anywhere these days, stupid, because we sure don’t need anymore genetic delinquents running around. And what a nice job setting an example for your legion of Nickelodeon fans. If the network doesn’t cancel her show then they’re complete ad whores and should be thoroughly eschewed.

That is all. The foulness of my mood today is complete, I think. Let’s not test it any further.