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I Want My G-TV

Today is “protest the lack of G in HGTV’s programming” day, details here.  

I don’t usually bother with things like this since I’m rather fatalistic about their effect, but it seems they’ve gone and cancelled Paul James’ show, Gardening by the Yard.  We just can’t have that, so here’s the letter I’m sending.  Feel free to co-opt all or part of it for your own “protest” email.

To: lansing@scrippsnetworks.com, tesser@scrippsnetworks.com, cmcconkey@scrippsnetworks.com, gmccormick@scrippsnetworks.com

Subject:  Where’s the G in HGTV?


As you may have noticed, today is the day we disgruntled gardeners contact HGTV and all its advertisers, to let you know exactly how displeased we are with the near-complete lack of G in the HGTV lineup.  

There are honestly only so many “flip your house in this crappy real estate market” shows we can stand.  Same goes for decorating.  And even your typical gardening show is more about landscaping than actual horticulture.  Engaging personalities talking about the actual growing, propagating, and care of plants would be a nice start.  The personalities don’t even have to be particularly engaging.  Take Paul James for instance, who is honestly more irritating than engaging, yet manages to deliver an interesting show filled with facts about plants and gardening.  

A show which you’ve apparently cancelled.

As my husband just so stridently put it:  “He *$%$#@$ MADE that channel!”

And he did.  If you cancel that show then there is no longer any reason for us to bother with your network.  And you should know we’re not the only ones who feel this way:  http://hgtvprotestcampaign.blogspot.com/

If you honestly care about what your viewers want, then you’ll listen to what we’re saying.  If it’s more about the advertising dollars, then you should also keep in mind that my family alone spent a Great Deal Of Money at both Lowe’s and Home Depot last year, and most definitely will again this year.

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