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I Could be Your Flamingo

Why is counting to five in German so much cooler than doing so in any other language?

After another coat of color, my hair is still determinedly pink. I’m forced to assume the Manic Panic color I received is pink-in-the-wrong-container. And those of you who know I am SO not a “pink” person know how much this sucks.

The Husband’s doctor called this morning (waking me up, thank yew) to tell him to stop taking the insulin injections. Can I get a WOO FRICKIN HOO from the congregation. He’s changing him to a different pill in the morning and the morning pill moves to the nighttime, so still some meds, just not the pesky injections every day. We’ll continue on with the reduced-carb diet because it does all of us good…we’ll reallyreallyreally miss spaghetti though, especially since I started putting chunks of hot sausage into the sauce. *whine*

This week was BAD on the sinus infection front. Even though I’m already on Cipro, it takes time for it to get in there and kick arse. Headaches requiring darkened rooms and absolute stillness are not a happiness. Things seem to be improving finally though, when a routine run through Target does not leave me gasping and sweating.

One things for sure, we’re having frigging flu shots this fall.

Note to self: The Sarah Connor Chronicles starts tonight. Watch it, in support of Firefly alum, or ignore it knowing that Frigging Fox will cancel it in two weeks anyway? Jerks.