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I *am* Iron Man

The kiddos were fevered, stuffy and cough-y most of the weekend (which allowed for an unprecedented amount of yardwork getting done, srsly), but the Boychild was damned if he was going to miss Iron Man, so off we went this afternoon to view it.

Tony Stark, as played by Robert Downey Jr (who despite his bad life choices remains a really fine actor), is my favorite billionaire-turned-superhero. Ever. The story was good, overgrown child grows a conscience without being too hippie-tree-hugger, and had moments that had the entire (very crowded) theater both laughing out loud and applauding. Paltrow’s character was a bit under-realized but that always happens to the girl friday character, doesn’t it? Presumably she’ll be a bit more fleshed out in the sequel (!!!!).

Gods love Jon Favreau, as both Stark’s butler, and the director of the movie. I’ve adored him since he was Monica’s Ultimate Fighting Champion boyfriend and he’s done amazing things since then (ie. Emmy-winning Dinner for Five). This movie, and its HUGE opening weekend take, will make him, as Spider-man “made” Sam Raimi (yes, yes Evil Dead, blah blah…that was still considered “indie” stuff until Spider-man). It was a blast from start to finish, even the Girlchild (who had schlepped along her Nintendo in case of boredom) was quite enamored.

One very important note: If you go see it (and you MUST), be very, very, very sure to stay in your seat until after the credits. I swear to you, not a joke, DO NOT MOVE. Fan-bloody-tastic coda.