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I Am Compelled

Have you seen the trailer for this movie, One Missed Call? No? Here, go watch, I’ll wait.

There, aren’t you weirdly compelled to see this stupid movie? You get a voicemail on your cellphone, and it’s your DEATH you’re hearing. And then, you die, exactly as you heard it. WEIRD. And oddly compelling. I can’t even remember the last horror movie I saw in the theater…probably something from Elm Street it’s been that long ago…and this stupid remake of a Japanese film makes me want to hie myself into the theater.

Weirdly compelled, I tell you.

Mildly interesting side note: I couldn’t remember the name of the movie when I decided to write this, but it has that funny-looking girl from that Heath Ledger movie. Which Heath Ledger movie? The one where he’s a knight. Ok, her name is Shannyn Sossamon, so the movie I’m looking for is One Missed Call. Whew. I love IMDB.