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Hurricane Schmurricane

Well, Fay couldn’t get enough energy out of the 90 or so miles of water between Cuba and the Keys, so is now doing an impression of an aging film star in a nursing home…

Yes, lots of bluster, and liquids flung everywhere.

So we’re looking at high-ish winds and between 2 and 5 inches of rain. WhatEVAR. That’s a regular Saturday around here.

So, about the new look… As I cried said before, I was using a photoblog plugin to adapt wordpress into a photobloggy sort of application, and all that went very, very bad during the upgrades to 2.6. So, rather than troubleshoot someone else’s crappy code, I’m going back to a more bloggy sort of layout, which surely pleases me in the archive department. Thumbnail images as archives are great for a pure photoblog, but not so helpful when you also write words to go along with.

But I’m also still a very prolific shooter, with a whole lotta flowers, flutterbys and general scenery lying about, so the image up top will randomly rotate as you visit/navigate/generally reload pages. Yes, it’s a huge honking image, sorry, but in that I still wish to remain photobloggy. At least the body images will be about 200 pixels smaller in this layout, to make room for the spiff-tastic sidebar over there to the right.

Yes, I said spiff-tastic.

I have to go glare at the remnants of Fay now, who since I started this post has dwindled somewhat in her trek across lower Florida, and rather resembles a semi-incontinent ex-paint huffer…

Yes, wandering around in circles and occasionally piddling in corners.