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How to Win Lifelong Customers

Our first order from Oakes Daylies (of only TWO varieties, mind you) came today, and in the well-packed box was:

Tuscawilla Tigress – SIX separate clumps

Benchmark – THREE separate clumps

And the completely gratis Barbary Corsair, featuring two separate clumps.  Each clump is, of course, plantable and will grow up to be an entire plant.  So we basically received ELEVEN daylily plants for the cost of two.

So, naturally, I ordered eight more varieties today.

I just love companies who do things like this (ie. Nola’s Iris Garden), it costs them nearly nothing, and nets them one happy gardener with a relatively widely-read blog, and (most-importantly) a Google-indexable rave review.  So, if you need daylilies (and really, who doesn’t??), please join me in rewarding Oakes Daylilies for their excellent customer service.