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Hey, At Least I’m Not Posting About My Newfound Obsession with Scrubs

Gosh, I’d just love to post something really interesting today but I’m afraid I’m dealing with mental fatigue on a cosmic level here. We spent the weekend doing as little as humanly possible, and that laissez-faire attitude has bled nicely over into the work week.I do have something to say about the still-delightful Burn Notice, however… The Husband and I had a theory that the mysterious brother might have been the one pulling the strings firmly connected to our poor Michael’s patellas and olecranon processes. However, the appearance of the low-rent Joaquin Phoenix knock-off two episodes ago put that theory firmly to death. Greasy, larcenous and possessing of slothful facial hair, Michael’s brother could sooner engineer a Boeing 747 than this deception. We dislike him intensely (as we’re meant to, I’m sure), and look forward gleefully to the episode where his inevitable death is used as a plot device to further motivate our Michael.

Hopefully the “disaster” also includes Michael’s shrill harpy of a mother (gratingly played by the also-swelled Sharon Gless). You know, just to really get him riled up. *whistles innocently*