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Here’s a Clue, Just For You

Dear Mister Internet Savant,How nice for you that you’ve learned that “phishing” is not just the practice of following a derivative, pseudo-hippie, glorified-studio-musician band around the country whilst jacked up on shrooms you found growing in your compost heap, and neglecting such basic necessities as hygiene, your children’s matriculation, etc. However, armed as you are with this nodule of knowledge, it would be unwise in the extreme to assume, as you have, that the site from which the phishing email originated is actually perpetrating said activity a’purpose. The fact is, poppet, that all these easily installable, open-source, php-based apps, that the average internet dilettante so loves to install under their little vanity account, are all just wide open to exploitation if not kept properly patched and upgraded. And, as the average vanity-site purveyor is blissfully clueless about the concepts of “patching” and “upgrading,” well, there you go.

So, while you are also to be congratulated for posessing enough magickal internets mojo to do a reverse lookup on the originating domain to determine the (alleged) perp’s host, shooting us an email demanding the offending site be taken down immediately only makes you look like a clueless tool. As it stands, people can not be punished for being clueless. Yet. So, it would make just about as much sense for us to punish our sans-clue user by suspending their entire site, as it would to actually reply to your silly little missive with a graphically detailed description of your mental shortfall. Instead we shall do what any responsible host would do…delete the phishing files from our client’s account, instruct them to patch/upgrade as appropriate, and write a snarky, anonymous post on our personal site that allows for therapeutic venting.

Ah, much better.