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Happy Xmas Eve Eve Eve

Because I was a Very Good Girl this year, I got this. And because we’re going to Busch Gardens tomorrow, courtesy of a last minute decision while standing in a steak house parking lot with the family, I got to open my present tonight. WOO!

So, be warned: many, many super-wide angle images shall ensue. Like the otherwise nonsensical image above of some really gorgeous “Belgian” chocolates (that, incidentally, look about nine million times better than they taste)…

Side note: The choklits were photographed on our wedding china, the gorgeous (and discontinued) Mikasa San Marco. We’ve been married almost 12 years and have used the china exactly never. So, what’s the point of getting china for wedding presents, I ask you?

Girlchild Update: She took her first steroid dose last night, and the clearing of her hives was (nearly) visible to the naked eye. The “doctor” hisself called our house at about 7PM last night to A) re-apologize for the miscommunication, and B) see how she was doing. I suppose I’ll forgive the little puppy, but he’ll never lay a stethoscope on our kids again.

Updated to add: National Treasure Dos (ie. Book of Secrets) was fan-bloody-tastic. But I swear, Nicolas Cage looks like his face is slowly withdrawing into his braincase. Maybe time to hang up the leading man stuff and go back to character parts, Nic. You look weird, man.