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Poor neglected garden blog! It’s been an interesting few years in my absence here. Well, “interesting” in the Chinese curse sense of the word, naturally.

We’ve had medical and financial issues to deal with, as well as the sheer psychoticness that is raising a pair of teen-agers. But this year I want my garden back, dammit. So we’re planning modestly: we’re going to build out four stacked stone boxes, fill them with a gorgeous mix of soil, peat, and compost, and grow only what I can get these carnivores to eat…plus a metric shiteload of tomatoes for the freezer. I’m actually so far ahead of the game right now that I’m starting seeds today, and we’ll build the first of the boxes this next week for the snow peas. Garden ahoy!

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  1. #1 Evelyn
    on Apr 20th, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Found you while looking for Florida Garden Blogs.You are not the only one missing in action.Quite a few blogs have disappeared some as long ago as 2010.Me too although not a blogger, this is the first season since 2008 that the garden is in.Feels wonderful although the body keeps reminding me I am not as young as I was 30 years ago when the first garden was planted 🙂 Hope to be reading lots of your blog.


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