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Ah, my five loyal readers…words cannot describe the incandescent fury which is mine these past 72 hours.

Those of you using WordPress note how it shrieks at you to upgrade whenever a new release comes about. Generally, this is a good idea, as fallow versions tend to become script kiddie targets, and next thing you know, your server is spewing Vi@gr@ spam and your sysadmins are giving you the fuck-eye.

Despite the immense number of plugins I was using, as well as the squirrelly (unnecessarily-) PHP-coded theme, I upgraded.

We’ll just gloss right over the next three days, shall we? Suffice it to say, I have done a fresh install of WP 2.6 and exported my entries from the old install into this new one. There will be days and days of tweaking ahead as A) this theme, er, is not up to my standards, and B) we’re scheduled for a hurricane enema from Fay tomorrow.


Coriander and Nancy, I’m sorry, but in the process of recovering my old blog I had to do a restore from backup, and your last comments were blitzed into oblivion. Please don’t take it personally, I love you, I rly ryl do.

See you all on the flip side.