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Gettin’ All Springy

According to my handy Almanac, the first weekend in February represents the last freeze of the year for central Florida.  All I can say is WOOT, because moving this number of little pots in and out of the house is starting to get tiresome:


Yep, we’re all about maximizing our space here, and those shelves will be used year-round for seed starting, whether it’s tomatoes, cukes, or bonsai trees.  We’ve also removed the mondo honeysuckle from the center of the back fence:


Bet you can’t tell where it was…   We’ll be adding five new 2×8 boxes that’ll be home to corn, all manner of climbing beans with melons planted at their feet, and the occasional bonsai that needs a bit of field-growing.  


Pretty soon there will be little left to mow back there.  (Yay! – Husband)

We did a good bit of frost-protection during these last few hard freezes, but unfortunately most of the tropicals are brown, papery things right now.  I anticipate full recovery, but I have been known to be a raging optimist. 

My Batik iris, while a cold-loving plant, does not so much appreciate the chilly temps when trying to field blooms.  This one never fully opened, and is now in full decline. 


Still, it can be done!

Other highlights include the Zebrina hollyhocks:


The alyssum/gazania combo:


And the wonderfully fractal romanseco:


And now Husband just reminded me of the visitor we found snoozing under the honeysuckle:


This is a corn snake, and is very likely the same visitor we had over the summer in our pool drain.


Corn snakes are amazing climbers, as you can see above, and feast primarily on rodentia and anole lizards.  And they’re utterly gorgeous to boot.


After his glamour shots we helped him over the fence and on his way. If you have a venomous snake at home though, then it’s best to call a snake removal service.