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Gettin’ All Carrot-y

Harvested another 4 lbs 1 oz of carrots today.  First batch:


Second batch:


Here, by the way, is an illustration of WHY you want to use a nice pointy tool to really get in there and loosen up the soil in your planting beds/containers.


The two carrots on the left ran into some obstruction in the growing process (a dirt clod most likely since they were planted in new soil), causing the root to fork.  This doesn’t adversely affect the taste, but neither is it the prettiest thing in the world.  Kinda creepy, actually….like they might get up and run away…

Aaanyway, the white carrot on the far right is a good seven inches long, having had plenty of nice loose soil to grow in, so work your soil deep, people!

BONUS PICTURE:  The gorgeous colors inside the Purple Dragon carrots: