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Florida is Trying to Kill Me

84 degrees yesterday, a lovely day for the beach. We hit Venice Beach down south of Sarasota, primarily because they’re the Shark Tooth Capital of the WorldTM…pretty sure that’s because Sharky’s salts the beaches every night, but whatever pulls in the touristas, eh? But they also have a dog beach (which are getting harder and harder to find around here), so we schlepped along puppy-boy, as well. He had a grand time, romping with all the other dogs, and by virtue of completely dominating a young boxer that had taken a shine to the Girlchild, further cemented his status as Best Dog Evar. He did not know what that dog wanted with his little girl, but he was having None Of It. Such a good boy.

So, despite being FL residents for the past seven years, we completely neglected to use sunscreen yesterday. And now we all…even ManThing, who has always been nut-brown and un-sunburnable…are red like tomato today. Ow.

Today, the temperature is a whopping 63 degrees, and I feel like a flu victim, alternately blazing hot and shivering.

Stupid state.