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Flippity Floppity

This site’s domain used to be floridabackyard.org, because that’s what it featured, of course. Then we thought we might be moving to Kansas, and I changed the domain to sekimori.org. Kansas turned out to be full of FAIL (and the cause of diabeetus), and now every post seems to be about my backyard, so here we go flipping the domain back again.


sekimori.org will still work, of course, it will simply redirect you to the new domain, easy peasy. You can call it whatever you want…FBY, .ORG, Alfred. I’ll answer.


I’m glad we planted lots of flowers this year. Speaking of, how frickin’ cool is this? The green “petals” are actually bracts, only the center yellow bit is the flower. But it looks amazing, and named after a superhero? Color me there.

UPDATE: Check out my new little flash header graphic up there.  Yeah, I remember maybe two things about using Flash.