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Extreme Closeup, The Saga Begins

Vacation in four-ish days, and I’m having trouble staying focused…except in my photography, of course!

Today we take an extreme close-up tour of the homestead…actually, we’ll be doing this tomorrow, too, because when you get right up close, there’s so many wonderful things to see. (That’s shorthand for “I took a whole lotta pictures.”)

First up is kitteh cuteness, Mister Hermes, who feels it necessary to miaow incessantly at me whenever he’s awake. Fortunately because he’s a bebe, he’s quite often asleep:

Marigold-y goodness:

Dahlberg daisy, the blooms of which are about the size of a dime, just to give you some perspective:

Bouganvillea blossoms:

A visiting dragonfly:

A Red Rocket pepper bloom, which always look like little lanterns to me:

One of the gajillion sprouts on the Key Lime tree, which has vastly appreciated me NOT watering it:

The Red Cheese pepper, who I canna wait to get my fork into, after sauteeing with onion and spicy sausage, of course:

One of the multitude of Red Rice beans:

The (purely ornamental) Hyacinth Bean going up its trellis:

The amazingly firecrackery Tropical Milkweed:

The amazingly flying-the-hell-everywhere Tropical Milkweed seeds:

Orange Butterfly Weed:

A sneaky skipper pretending to be part of the Butterfly Bush:

And this spectacular “weed” growing behind the composter. It reminds me of a sweet pea bloom, and might actually be one, but the color is like the Holy Grail in lip color for me, have alternately had it and been looking for it my entire life. A beautiful delicate bloom, on a viny plant, this “weed” is more than welcome in our yard:

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting sequel: “Extreme Closeup, The Revenge!”