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Extreme Closeup II: Over-Budget and Over-Acted

Sorry, we had a dispute with SAG and the writers’ union, had to rename the sequel…

The Don Juan climbing rose, being all coy and mysterious:

The Wild Blue Yonder rose, letting it all hang out:

My indispensable hose guides, protecting the roses in back and the cannas out front:

The miniature rose is blooming, this bud is about the size of the tip of your finger, but check out how many petals it has!

Bachelor Button surprise:

One of the giant zinnias out front:

The multi-trunk crepe myrtle, making up for lost time:

With blossom round number forty-two waiting in the wings:

This…thing, whose name escapes me, which is why I keep a garden journal (Lisianthus “Mermaid Pink”), and who I thought was deader’n Julius Caesar, but is making a comeback now that the above crepe myrtle is giving it a bit of respite from the afternoon sun:

The Royal Carpet Alyssum is finally getting off its plant arse and turning an appropriate shade of grape-le.

My beloved Queen Sophia marigolds:

The salvia greggii which just Does Not Quit:

And lots & lots of the ever-fascinating echinacea, both pupurea and White Swan:

We hope you’ve enjoyed ECII*. There will be further sequels if A) the audience clamors for one, and/or B) the producers need hooker/blow money.

*Joke for the Husband.