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Everything’s So Greeeen*

It rained the entire time we were in Hell Pensacola, and the plantsies have rewarded us magnificently…

Up top there is one of the billion creepers the cucumber plant is sending out, desperately grabbing at anything it can find, much like its insane sort-of cousin, the wisteria. The other cucumber plant in that pot, if you listen very closely, is screaming ala Bugs Bunny, “Get me outta heeeere!”

The big plant there on the right is covered, COVERED I say, in blooms and tiny, hairy cucumbers:

The gioia della mensa tomatoes have bloomed and now peel back their blossoms in readiness for fruit:

The pineapple melon plant has blooms-o-plenty already, despite being about six inches tall:

The parisier market carrots are going like mad, no doubt put to shame by the insane population of radishes next door:

The Meyer lemon tree, whilst working dutifully on the existing fruit, has popped out about nine thousand more blooms, awaiting the arrival of the bees:

And how are the peas doing, you ask?

Let’s just say they learn well.

*Movie quote…who can guess it WITHOUT GOOGLING?