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Everything’s So Greeeen

Plant envy is never a pretty sight, and I’ve got it bad for Pam’s Elephant Tongue agave, but seriously cannot find a single place in the yard to put the thing, especially considering it can get 7 feet wide. I did find a source for seeds for it though, as well as palms and other desert-y tropical plants: Rarepalmseeds.com

We’ll just put that there in the bookmarks for later. *twitch*

Two days after the heavy rains and we have some seriously gratifying growth. The sweet alyssum out front is doing exactly what I wanted it to do, namely fill in to make a solid mass, and creep up to hang over the stone border:

The angelonia “Angel Face” is likewise bulking up:

The canna lily “Tropical Salmon” just gets more gorgeous by the day, and Never Stops Blooming:

The delphinium are getting a bit more robust (variety unknown, sing out anyone if you have an idea), but remain sort of spindly, with single flowers instead of the packed spires delphinium is known for. A clue to its identity, no doubt:

The diascia “Darla Rose” continues to be a big showoff under the crepe myrtle:

Here’s the common heliotrope, as promised, though nursery bought instead of seed-grown (so sue me!):

The two new additions out front are doing wonderfully. First, the dahlia “Dark Angels” with its near black foliage (not pictured here of course because it was bloody windy and the fountain grass kept getting in the way) and velvet blooms:

And my new favorite flower, this black eyed cuphea (Cuphea cyanea), with its hilarious eye-like petals:


It looks like a crazy, life-sucking teddy bear.

Speaking of crazy, this little guy has gone nuts in the backyard, and it has the coolest name EVER:

This is the turkey tangle fogfruit and I absolutely have to get some of it in a pot before Husband mows.

The daikon radishes have sprouted, along with the leeks. The tropea rossa onions are cranking along:

I imagine I could eat those whenever I’m ready, ya? 🙂

The strawberries (Fresca) are working on their second sets of leaves, and the sungold cherry tomatoes are ripening:

My first red bell pepper, woot!

The sultan golden crescent beans are finally putting out viny things, making ready to climb the conveniently placed trellis:

The banana peppers can’t agree on which way is “down”:

The sugar baby watermelons are going to have to be tamed in some way. The corn is impressive but I don’t think it can hold off the vine advance just yet:

The serpent melons (Armenian cucumbers) grow before your very eyes. This one was about two inches long four days ago, is now well over seven:

No, it’s not snowing, Husband got a wee bit vengeful with the Sevin dust yesterday after the unfortunate pickleworm incident. Don’t be threatenin’ my garden, beasties, that man’ll gitchoo.

And finally, here’s the things that I have no room to plant just now, but will be worked in as time/space allows:


We clearly need land, and lots of it.