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The Girlchild turned 9 a couple of weeks ago.  When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday she knew exactly, just as she always has.  For the family part she wanted to dine at that bastion of gastronomic adventure known as Steak n Shake.  (She has a passion for those skinny, tasteless fries.)  For her party, attended by school, soccer and neighborhood friends, she wanted a Nintendo Party.  Kids could bring their DS handhelds, their favorite Gamecube or PS2 games, and everyone would play.


I had misgivings, but the party was a complete hit.  Turns out most kids have their own DS handhelds (through which they can actually talk to each other, play multi-player games, etc.), and they were more than thrilled to take turns playing Monkey Ball and Super Smash Brothers on the big screen:


Those are some happy kids there.  And that was before we sugared them out of their minds on this:


Yeah, that’s my first time using the decorating tips.  Made me twitchy, but I’m a perfectionist, so whatyagonna do.  The Girlchild loved it, so all was well.

The night before the Girlchild’s party, the Boychild had a Winter Formal at his school.  Yes, a Winter Frickin’ Formal in the 6th grade.  *eyeroll*  He looked handsome as ever though, even post-Photoshop:


Today we hared off to the other side of the county to participate in the year end soccer Judge’s Cup.  Girlchild’s team dominated our local soccer league, and had high hopes of advancing to the finals tomorrow.


Alas, it was not to be.  The two teams they faced were very fast, and (it appeared) benefited from somewhat more than a single practice session per week.  But it’s an all-volunteer league, including the coaches, so we can hardly complain.  We just want her to get a love for the game at this point.


It seems that part is a success.