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Et Tu, Mozilla?

For you other Thunderbird users out there, who may assume that moving mail to the Trash, and then emptying said Trash, actually deletes mail from your email client…and how unreasonable an expectation is *that* I ask you…you have to also periodically COMPACT your bloody folders to actually do the mail removing. When you do not do this (because you didn’t freaking KNOW you were supposed to do this), your inbox bloats up to 2+ GB and becomes, as they term it, “unstable.” Which means you have to delete the fucking thing in order to regain some semblence of sanity in your mail proceedings.How do you then retrieve the bits of your inbox you were actually still using? Fuck if I know.

For an otherwise efficient sort of application, this is a piece of utter horseshit, which they naturally play up as a “feature” in their wiki. That’s more of a Windoze game, isn’t it, boys?