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Entertain Me, Won’t You?

In the past few days I’ve put a goodly number of new blogs on the reading list, subcategoried by interest, so the other people who use my list as *their* list won’t have to slog through the Gardening/Foodie links when all they want are lolcats.

I like WordPress’ integrated Blogroll tool for this, since it makes the subcatting easy, but there’s no native mechanism to show newly updated sites, ie. with Blogrolling.com, which accepts pings through various services when a site updates. There is a WP plugin that purports to do the job, but the resulting errors when attempting to even load the site after installation make that a no-go. So, if you’re a new link and you can’t figure out why I’m hitting your site several times a day, it’s because:

  1. I work from home, and multi-task like a mofo (with an average of 10 Firefox tabs open at any given time, on two separate monitors).
  2. I’ve nothing that shows me your site has actually been updated or not.
  3. I *need* shit to read, people.

So, for all of you who are posting only once a week or so, GET BIZZY.

Updated to add: The Husband had his first sugar crash last night. He got hot, opened up all the windows (it was in the low-40s outside at the time), and then started shaking like a leaf. The kids applied Chips Ahoy and milk and equilibrium was soon restored. It was not a fun time. Stupid diabeetus.