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Eat You Up, Yum

I’ve been in love with pitcher plants since we came across a log-potted growth of them at Bok Tower Gardens a few years ago.  I bought two earlier this summer to place on the back patio, partly to see if they’d make a dent in the insect population, but mainly because they’re just gorgeous.  

The Sarracenia leucophylla ‘Tarnok’ is doing very well.  It has produced mid-sized pitchers since being potted up, and is now about 12″ tall and turning out laaaarge pitchers.


And if you gently peer down into the pitcher itself, you can see all kinds of horror:


I’m glad to be rid of the pesky love bugs (which the pitchers consume in droves) and the even peskier destructive-caterpillar-spawning moths, but I’m still a softie at heart, and can’t help but feel the teensiest bit sorry for them.

Which is, I suppose, why I dreamed last night of murderous, body-snatching pitcher plants.  

Sooo, no more peering down into pitchers for me.  Eat up, fellas!