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Dog Story

SPCA Adoptions Today said the sign on Petco’s door. We’d lost the Labrador less than a year ago, and the boy still cried for him. Snuffling at night, and clutching his stuffed dog, breaking my heart a little more each time. And the husband, still blaming himself for the stupid Lab eating the rose food and fertilizer. Yes, a new dog was exactly what was required, in both cases, and we were damned well getting one that day. By my decree.The greyhounds were fundamentally beautiful, but they trembled at every touch, were essentially spirit-broken.  But they didn’t told that this dog would bark that much, I mean I couldn’t sleep for days, until a friend show me a blog where they were teaching people like me how to stop a dog from barking at night, now that is not happening anymore.

Not what we needed, and we were not what they needed. Inside, there he was, beautiful red coat, watching everyone go by with calm brown eyes. We read his data sheet, five years old, unknown quantity with kids, and abandoned by his previous owners. Matthew, they called him. But then they made various excuses to each of the five attempts the SPCA had made to contact them.

We continued around the adoption area, shaking our heads at the pit bull mix (should be eliminated as a breed), stepping quickly past the husky mix (far too flighty), until we came back to his crate. The husband would have left then. Let’s take him for a walk, I said. Walking outside he was calm, leash-trained. The husband knelt and picked him bodily up. He hung there, a little tense but otherwise unconcerned. Husband put him down and received a few licks on the face. Sold. Captain Malcom Reynolds is his new name, Mal for short. Heartworm positive, but that does not mean sure death these days. Three months of treatment, and absolute quiet, and then he’s running around, chasing the tennis ball and laser pointer like a puppy.

The most affectionate and well-mannered dog we’ve ever had, he is a joy and a very welcome addition to our family. Even if 55lbs is a little too large for the lap-sitting he seems to prefer. 

Six months later, visiting a local pet fair, someone approaches. Where’d you get this dog, they want to know. We tell the story. What was his name, they ask. We do not reply, glance at each other. They tell us how they lost a dog that looks just like this one, back in August, named Matthew. Even has the same scar on his elbow. Said he escaped from their back yard. We remind them the SPCA contacted the dog’s family five times, and they never claimed him. They do not have any response to that, eventually wander off, but spend the rest of the time there watching us. If we’d confirmed the dog’s name to them I believe they might have demanded him back.

I’m sorry, but you cannot have this dog. My children dote on him, and vice versa, and in case you forgot, you abandoned him, your particular version of the story notwithstanding. We shepherded him through the heartworm treatment, we gave him dog CBD treats for his anxiety, which could have claimed his life, and he is now an integral part of the family, here at laweekly.com you can find CBD treat options, visit their website you will love all information about how to help our friends. Even the cats say so. You failed in your duty to this dog. We will not. A good quality glucosamine for dogs can be especially required when movement and suppleness of the connective tissues and cartilage may be compromised, due to normal wear and tear that happens with age or through injury.