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So, Sally Field thinks when mothers run the world there won’t be any “goddamned war,” eh? ¬†Just who the hell does she think raises all these suicide bombers?

(It was late last night when I tossed off the above, elaboration below.)

Sally, Sally, Sally. Being a mother does not mean you are no longer capable of thinking. Well, not for most women, anyway. “Come back with your shield or on it,” ring any bells?

Yes, it is a terrible, terrible thing to watch your child go off to battle. Particularly if you’re a Love Generation relic, as is our dear Mrs. Field. However. As there are currently a great many societies on this planet of ours who are quite willing to kill us for no other reason than the flavor of our mythical beings, then battle is, sadly, necessary.

Do you, Mrs. Field, and your whingy Hollywood pals, honestly believe conservative-esque types get off on people dying? That if they’re not shaking their penii at some other country that they feel inadequate? I really think that *is* what you believe.

I, personally, do not relish war. Nor do I love the idea of sending our bravest off to die in some third world shithole that has no interest in joining the 21st century. But if you, Mrs. Field, think these nutbags are going to leave us alone just because we bow out then you are twenty-seven times the idiot I already think you are.

When your enemy publicly declares “join us or die,” then you pretty much have to take them at face value. Either their cojones are bigger than their brains, or they’re completely bugfuck insane on this issue. Regardless, a good bombing tends to get, and hold, their attention.

What do you do with bullies, Mrs. Field? You bloody their nose, and then they learn not to bully you. The problem with Iraq is we did not bloody their nose. We poked them in the eye, cut off a few cancerous growths, then said, “ok, now be good.” Small wonder that they ran home to momma, picked up more rocks and started throwing them at us when we weren’t looking.

Yes, we should get the entire hell out of Iraq, but NOT if it makes us appear weak, because then we will be a target for any little shitbag with a modicum of Kuran under his belt. “Oh, Mohammed says kill the infidel…let’s go kill the infidels!”

Let’s be honest here, Mrs. Field. What you Hollywood types really want is for people to not be distracted by international issues so they can better attend your movies, watch your tv shows, and further pad your bank accounts. People worried about Country A or Conflict B aren’t quite as willing to part with surplus funds, are they? Which means less attention paid to ephemera.

Yes, I consider you all ephemera. (I’m talking to YOU, George Clooney.) Should Hollywood cease to exist, life would go on, even somewhat enriched. Books are still being printed, you know.