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Dear Mother Nature

Perhaps a bit of rain each day instead of SIX INCHES in one day, eh? Jeez.

Ventured out between downpours this morning to see how everything was faring. So far, so good…except the red stuff is here now…

More pics later, if we’re not busy building a frickin’ ark by then.

UPDATE: Everything came through fine, even the Slowest Tomato Evar, the little bastard. Here’s a picture of the last viable peapod from the pea experiment:


One really needs to plant more than three vines in order to have a servable harvest, though. Like anyone in this house would eat them besides me. *sigh*

And here’s a ladybug on the key lime tree:


A nice slow day on the “farm.”

UPDATE: Look, a flower quiz!

I am an

What Flower
Are You?