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Daily Zen

Started out yesterday morning…Saturday, our biggest gardening/yard work/project day of the week…by twisting my knee in a most painful fashion. How did you twist your knee, you ask? By using the foot on the other leg to try and slide this fat-ass out from in front of the toilet.

Yeah, she was in that same position, and has put on about a stone since this picture was taken, so you can imagine what a brilliant idea it was to try and shift her vast bulk with my toe. Thank the gods for Therma Care and Advil. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these things are day-savers. I use the back/hip wraps because they use velcro instead of adhesive, and they can be wrapped pretty tight to further provide support along with the heat. So with my left knee wrapped like a Heisman Trophy winner’s, I had my day back.

And spent the rest of it absolutely dripping with sweat.

94 degrees isn’t that bad, really. It’s the humidity that gets you. Walking from inside to outside is like passing a physical barrier, from the cool/dry to the slap-in-the-face-with-a-parboiled-fish. It’s wet, it’s cloying, it’s so very hot.

It’s so nasty humid that the kids even refused to walk at the park and stir from the house into the swimming pool yesterday. Which truly makes me grind my teeth when I contemplate the payment for it each month, but that’s another story. After all I can’t blame them with this weather, and ever since the pool deck replacement was done, it invites you to hop right in. We’re also planning to install additional Aluminum Deck Railing Systems.

First task of the day, paint composter pieces. Garbage cans make an admirable sort of painting platform, since it hardly matters if you drip paint on them. What, they have to be pretty? They hold GARBAGE:

We’re using wood we actually had on hand for the composter. The corner posts will be these leftover 2 (+/-) foot 4x4s we had cut for the boxes around the climbing roses.

And the sides will be made from these leftover fence slats we had to use to fix the ten foot hole in our fence after the pool construction.

Yes, the garage needs cleaning out too, have I mentioned THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY HOURS IN THE DAY??? Oh, yeah, and 94 degrees with 80% humidity. I am not a cephalopod, I need OXYGEN, dammit!

While we were doing all that, the Girlchild harvested the seed heads from the defunct catgrass:

Er, honey, I said the seed HEADS, not the entire stalks. “But that would have taken FOREVER.” Welcome to gardening, kiddo.

We got the Alpinia zerumbet (shell ginger) planted…

…the Trident Maple bonsai root-soaked…

…pruned all the dead ex-rust-bearing leaves off the pickling cucumber plant…


…got aaallll the watering done…

…and by 4PM were ready for brain/lung/heart transplants. The restorative properties of the average cool shower with LOTS of soap are amazing, however, and emergency surgery was averted.

And now, we start all over again today.

But is there anything I’d rather be doing?   Not so much.

Here is where the Zen is.