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Crimmas Music

I’m (a tiny bit) ashamed to admit that it took us until Season 2 to notice the television show “Bones.” The Boychild actually started watching it before we did, medical procedurals seem to fascinate him (hmm, maybe the medical profession…woot!). We started watching, were instantly hooked, picked up Season 1 on DVD, etc. etc.

The Season 1 Christmas ep re-ran this week, and we watched it last night. It’s a good story, as they all are…the core cast gets caught in a quarantine lockdown over Christmas, open up to each other, bond, etc. During the Poignant Bit TM one of my very favorite holiday songs was played, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” It was a rather haunting version, more mournful than joyous, and suited the situation admirably. Until the singer actually said, “…have yourself a merry little crimmas…”

Er, what?


Yep, there it was again, “…have yourself a merry little crimmas…”

I immediately pegged the offender as Jewel, who is notorious for mangling actual words to suit her *coff* “musical stylings,” but a quick search this morning reveals the slurrer to be Tori Amos. Should have known.

Now, I’m not the biggest Tori Amos fan in the world…though I do cherish her rendition of “I’m Not in Love,” (ignore the stupid video, just listen to the song) because it’s SCARY, as that song should be…however, this mushmouthing of the soundtrack of my childhood is not to be tolerated. Not without heaping servings of scorn anyway.

So, for your enjoyment: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Crimmas”