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I am very sorry that I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I am also quite sorry that I rather enjoy it.


I’ve been off Starbuck’s mochas (cold turkey, people) since the Husband was declared diabetic. Honestly, I do not miss them. My daily coffee is Gevalia’s Caffe Greco and is so much more flavorful than that Seattle-roast swill.


I have waxed rhapsodic before regarding Jacqeline Carey’s Kushiel series, just finished the brand-new Kushiel’s Mercy (#6)…

…which then sent me back to read Kushiel’s Avatar (#3)…

As frightening and harsh as the journey is sometimes, this is a slightly alternate universe I delight in visiting (and revisiting), where the scions of angels walk, and Love as Thou Wilt is the guiding tenet.


Monty Python is not nearly as funny today as it was when I was 10 years old.