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Clean-up Day

Three straight days of sub-30 degree weather have wreaked a good bit of havoc around here, but nothing truly unexpected.  We spent today adding things to the composter (and making plans to build a second one), and generally tidying up.  

The pepper plants, which honestly should have technically been done by now, hung in there up to the frost.  Despite being covered the temps were just too low and they all withered.  The marconi plant hung on just long enough to give me these last 11 peppers.  *sniff*


Also in that bucket are a dozen Meyer lemons, the white patches are from the frost.  Note to self: next year cover the lemon and lime trees.  With Agribon.

Remember the fall corn experiment?  It was planted around the end of September to try and avoid some of the more persistent pests, and to take advantage of our long, warm fall.  The corn sprouted, grew, made ears…but we somehow completely failed to notice the huge black ant population that were so very fascinated by the stalks.  Failed to remember that ants tend aphids, and aphids secrete honeydew, and honeydew grows various forms of mildew.   We cracked open a few husks before consigning it all to the composter, and discovered this:


Either the cooler days of fall just aren’t good enough for corn development, or that’s a major pollination problem there.  I swear, I would like to have home-grown corn, but this is getting ridiculous.

Haven’t posted kitty pics lately, they’re busy chasing each other, eating, sleeping, puking, etc.  Here’s Hermes, who used to actually be cute:


Tomorrow, the starting of many flower seeds to try and fill in the frost-death gaps out front.  Whee.