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Turkeys and Pirates and Fashion, Oh My!

Think of the stain possibilities! Hope everyone who bothered had a fine Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a very small affair on this end, the highlight of which was the DVD of Live Free or Die Hard locking up completely with about five minutes left in the movie. If we hadn’t seen it three times already […]

Well, Except for That Blog-Diarrhea Thing…

I turn 38 years old in a few days…and, can I just tell you, I have zero concept of that, as it relates to ME. Other than the occasional twinge here and there, I do not feel, mentally or physically, any different than I did in high school/college/in my 20s. Dick/fart jokes are still funny. […]

My Cat is Smarter Than Your Kid

Guess which genetic cull was yet again standing on the front porch this morning, complete with front door hanging wide open, and not a single miserable excuse for a parent in sight? I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one. Last night Zoe brought me a ball point pen. Er, why?

A Rant for Your Morning Enjoyment

I drive the kids to school every morning and pick them up in the afternoons. The school is five minutes away, and it’s completely worth it to me for them to never have to experience the Maximum Security Prison that is a public school bus.So I take them to school in the morning, then I […]


So, Sally Field thinks when mothers run the world there won’t be any “goddamned war,” eh? ¬†Just who the hell does she think raises all these suicide bombers? (It was late last night when I tossed off the above, elaboration below.) Sally, Sally, Sally. Being a mother does not mean you are no longer capable […]

Don’t Be a Victim

This story makes me want to scream, throw things…and exact terrible vengeance on the fucking wastes of oxygen who perpetrated the act.But more than anything else, it makes me want to beat the living shit out of the pathetic excuses for humans that TOLERATE this bullshit from kids they should have raised correctly in the […]