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Situation Normal-ish

Sorry about the page of code instead of my site there…a new plugin apparently had a psychotic break while I wasn’t watching.  It’s dead now, Jim. We haven’t stepped out into the garden much this past week…90+ degree temps/humidity will do that for you, as will recovering from the gawdawful drive to deliver the kids […]

Work in Progress

I’m taking all the pictures from the last three years of the blog here and putting them all in galleries using the NextGen Gallery plugin for WP.  They’ll be listed on a main galleries page, you can then poke through them at your leisure from there.   2007 and 2009 are done, 2008 still to […]

Perfect is in the Eye of the Beholder

Those of you following along on Twitter may have noted the Husband and I gifted each other with new cell phones before Christmas, specifically the Google G1.  Previously we had the T-Mobile Dash, which is basically a PDA-lite sort of phone, and we never used even one third of the onboard capability.  Yeah, it sounded […]

Yay, Tee-Wee!

Mmm, fall programming.  Tonight we have How I Met Your Mother (still the funniest thing on TV), Chuck (hurrah!) and Life (double hurrah!).  I thought for a moment earlier that we also had Heroes to watch, and kind of deflated…until I remembered I junked it from the TIVO to-do list last night.  It had such […]

To Blog, Yes, But HOW?

A few of my Blogspot readers noticed my Tweet from the other day: Must suck to be on Blogger/Blogspot right about now. There’s other blogging services out there, folks… 2 days ago And have asked me what I’m on about. At the time that was posted, Blogger was apparently having some sort of server issue, […]

It’s a New Day

You know me, I love to fiddle around with software. Pixelpost was great, but it’s really not built for words, just images. And more and more clients are asking for WP designs, especially now that MT4 is wallowing in suckitude. Tres important note to self: the WP YAPB plugin does NOT play well in the […]

Work, Work, Work. Hello Boys, Did You Miss Me?

Today feels like a “bitch about work stuff day…”Stupid Question: “Would it help my site hits to have 4 nameservers instead of just two?” No, the only thing that would help “hits” to your site is decent content. So, you’re basically screwed. Stupid Statement: “Just like I know how to reward good service with loyalty.” […]

Sorry, I Only Speak QWERTY

So, the doctor’s office called today, to tell me the uterine biopsy was normal, but that my bloodwork showed I was a bit anemic. Yeah, that’s what happens when you have month-long periods. Anyway, they wanted me to start taking an iron supplement, then come in for retesting in 3 months, stay on the b/c […]

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog. Sir.

My quest for the Perfect Keyboard is, at least around our house, the stuff of legend. I have tried them all, plus 97 others. I’ve gone through double digits on the backlit versions, before finally chucking it and just ceasing to work at night. The first backlit was great, beautiful scissor-key action, lovely color, but […]

Hardware Pig

I used to do a great deal of work after dark, both coding and design. As a parent of two extremely bright, precocious, and emotionally manipulative children, I know cellularly the value of having the kids be unconscious for periods of time. And since the kids home hospital beds are right across the hall from […]