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Recipe: Spicy Sweet Pickles

Before my cucumber plants bit the dust (the wussies, it was not even to a proper frost, thank you, more like a 38 for a couple of hours), I harvested the last of the fruit and set about making refrigerator pickles.  I’ve tried many other people’s recipes, don’t like B&Bs at all, and think rather […]

The Earl of Sandwich

Well, true fall is upon us, the greens are growing happily in the garden, as are the onions, carrots and snow peas.  The tomatoes are still fruiting but it’s small fruit, quick to ripen.  They know (something approximating) winter is coming.  With all this, there’s been far more cooking than gardening going on lately, and […]

Movie-Food.com: The Sequel

For those of you (read: all) who weren’t aware, I started the Movie-Food.com site a few months back at the behest of my sister after Husband and I whipped up the delectable Maraschino Cherry Chicken from the horrendous Six Days, Seven Nights. It was surprisingly easy to come up with a HUGE list of food items/dishes from movies […]

Recipe: Broccoli Beef

I love Chinese food.  I mean I LOOOOOVE Chinese food, would gleefully eat it at least four five six nights a week.  But alas my picky family just won’t put up with that – plus, hey, EXPENSIVE! – so I have to sneak it in where I can.  And cooking it myself at home makes it […]

Recipe: Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken

Accidentally caught an episode of Iron Chef: America a few nights ago, in which Cat Cora was making savory waffles (cheddar cheese, onions, etc.) topped by fried chicken, and I immediately declared this weekend was Fried Chicken Weekend.  With no particular favorite recipe, I scoured the links in my sidebar for ideas, and came across […]

Recipe: Chili of Chocolate Awesomeness

I’ve been making chili since I could cook, have gone through versions that included everything from red bell peppers to sirloin steak.  This recipe is the culmination of 20+ years of experimentation and is my current favorite. Ingredients 1lb ground beef 1lb ground pork 1 large onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp salt […]

Red Rice Beans – Grow ‘Em Then Eat ‘Em!

As promised, the long-awaited (snort) post on Vigna umbellata, the red rice bean. First, some background…  The red rice bean is one of the top five most commonly grown green manure/cover crops in the world.  It grows thickly enough to control weeds, and fixes nitrogen in the soil.  The stems can be used as animal […]

Nom Nom Nom

Have you ever noticed that food is so much more savory when you prepare it yourself? Especially if prep takes hours and your back is quite achy by the time all the batch cooking is done… Made kabob-type things the other night, with chicken, pineapple, onion and red bell pepper chunks. Marinated the chicken for […]

Jerks and Jousting and…Some Other Things That Do Not Start With J’s

Here’s a fuckin’ thought…if you can’t get email, how about you open a fuckin’ ticket instead of bombarding the server with dozens of fuckin’ test messages. Stupid. *breathe* Complete lack of babysitting T-minus 4 days and counting. Hey, remember those radishes I planted last Sunday? They sprouted on Tuesday. Yah, two days later. And now […]

The Joy of Cooking

As mentioned (whatever day it was), that was a really good soup (pic above). So here is the recipe: Creamy Corn and Vegetable Soup (with Bonus Sausage) and Fried Italian Bread Ingredients 4 cups fresh corn kernels 2 cups milk 2 spicy italian sausages, cooked, drained and chopped roughly 1 tbsp olive oil 1 med […]